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      RIPED Reading Group 2017-18 (Friday 12:00pm – 1:20pm, UTCC, Building 21, Conference room)
Date Paper Speaker
Mar 29, 2019"The Causal Effect of Retirement on Health: Understanding the Mechanisms"Mr Tran Binh Dai
Mar 8, 2019"Stock market and firm investment in Vietnamese listed firms from price informativeness perspective"Ms Quynh Trang Phan
Feb 8, 2019“Building physical health: What is the role of mental health?”Mr Prompong Shangkhum
Jan 25, 2019“The effects of trade liberalization on labour market in Manufacturing Sector of Thailand”.Ms Piyanuch Phuwaphatsakun
Dec 7, 2018“The Impact of Intergenerational Coresidence on Maternal Labor Supply: The Case of Thailand”.Ms Lusi Liao (PhD student, UTCC)
Nov 30, 2018“Essays on Health Outcome Inequalities in Nepal”.Mr Purna Bahadur Khand (PhD student, UTCC)
Oct 26, 2018An Early Evaluation of a HighScope-Based Curriculum Intervention in Rural ThailandMr Wisuwat Chujan (PhD student, UTCC)
Apr 27, 2018“The Causal Effect of Retirement on Health: Understanding the Mechanisms”.Mr Tran Binh Dai
Mar 30, 2018“Income Related Inequalities in Child Health: Evidence from Nepal”Purna (UTCC)
Mar 9, 2018“Labor Supply of Married Women in Thailand: 1985-2016”Ms. Lusi Liao
JAN 26, 2018"Todd, P. E., & Wolpin, K. I. (2003). On the specification and estimation of the production function for cognitive achievement. The Economic Journal, 113(485), F3-F33"Wisuwat Chujan (UTCC)
JAN 19, 2018"Change in Thailand Wage Structure, 1986-2016"Warut Samart (UTCC)
Dec 8, 2017"Translation and Scaling of Social Innovations"Panita Surachaikulwattana, PhD
Dec 1, 2017“Financial risk attitudes and locus of control”Mr Kaung Myat Ko
Nov 17, 2017"Are Informal Loans in Thai Households a major concern? : Evidence from the Townsend Thai data"Lalita Chanwongpaisarn, PhD
Nov 3, 2017"Symbolic Sequence Effects on Judgments of Truth"Sumitra Auschaitrakul, PhD
Oct 27, 2017“Equity premium and long-run risk: Evidence from the Stock Exchange of Thailand”Sartja Duangchaiyoosook
Sep 8, 2017“Maintaining an active lifestyle and well-being at an older age”Yufang Liang
Jul 26, 2017“The Dynamics of Productivity in the Telecommunications Equipment Industry”Dinh Thi Ngoc Tu
Aug 25, 2017 “An essay on cognitive abilities and subjective well-being”Rifaan Ahmed
      RIPED Reading Group 2016-17 (Friday 12:00pm – 1:20pm, UTCC, Building 21, Conference room)
Date Paper Speaker
June 23, 2017“The Impact of Auditor Expertise and Client Influence on Audit Quality: An Individual Auditor Level Analysis”Sukanya Rukphanichmanee
May 26, 2017“The UK 2008-09 short sales ban and CDS spreads”Boonlert Jitmaneeroj
March 10, 2017“Increasing Residual Wage Inequality: Unobserved Skill Price or Composition Effect?”Warut Samart (UTCC)
February 17, 2017“Financial Risk Attitude and Locus of Control”Kaung Myat Ko (UTCC)
January 27, 2017"Can having higher cognitive abilities insure against negative shocks? Evidence from SHARE"Rifaan Ahmed (UTCC)
December 2, 2016"Financial Constraints among Small Firms: Evidence from Thailand"Kittipong Rueanthip
November 11, 2016"The Effects of Activities on Cognitive Functions among the Elderly in China"Yufang Liang
October 21, 2016"Family structure and its impact on parental investment in Thailand"Ngọc Tú
September 23, 2016The Labor Market for Skilled Workers in ASEAN countriesSasiwimon Warunsiri Paweenawat, Ph.D.
September 16, 2016"Fit Between Agile Practices and Organizational Cultures"Panu Boonyakiat, PhD and Panita Surachaikulwattana, PhD
September 9, 2016"Equity premium and long-run risk: An evidence from Stock Exchange of Thailand"Sartja Duangchaiyoosook
September 2, 2016"The Limits of Management Techniques in Mediating Clashes of Organizational Culture during a Post-Acquisition Phase"Andreas Hild
August 26, 2016"The determinants of remittances in Thailand"Sutida Plyngam
      RIPED Reading Group 2015-16 (Friday 12:00pm – 1:20pm, UTCC, Building 21, Conference room)
Date Paper Speaker
May 27, 2016"A new approach to prioritizing SME regulation reforms"Boonlert Jitmaneeroj, Ph.D.
April 29, 2016"The development of gastronomic tourism destination: A case of hawking food in Thailand"hanathorn Vajirakachorn, PhD
March 25, 2016"Multiple Restatements and Audit Quality"Wasinee Thammasiri, PhD
February 26, 2016“Does cognitive functioning affect later-life subjective wellbeing?Mr Rifaan Ahmed
February 12, 2016"Informativeness of Compensation Peers’ Earnings"Sukanya Rukphanichmanee, PhD.
January 29, 2016"Private Returns to STEM Education in Thailand"Sasiwimon Warunsiri Paweenawat, Ph.D.
January 22, 2016"Heterogeneity of Resource Misallocation and Regional Policy in China"Mrs. Lihua Xu
January 15, 2016"Discourse And Deinstitutionalization: The Decline Of DDT"Panita Surachaikulwattana
December 4, 2015"Coordination and Control in Large-scale Complex IT Systems: An interdisciplinary review of the literatureAndreas Hild, PhD
November 20, 2015"Individual Heterogeneity, Retirement, and Health Behaviors"Dusanee Kesavayuth, PhD
September 25, 2015"Retirement, Personality, and Well-Being"Vasileios Zikos, PhD
      RIPED Reading Group 2014-15 (Friday 12:00pm – 1:20pm, UTCC, Building 21, Conference room)
Date Paper Speaker
May 29, 2015"Developing Supply Chain Performance Measurement Framework"Asawin Pasutham, PhD
April 24, 2015"Stock Trading Activities and The Disposition Effect"Boonlert Jitmaneeeroj, PhD
April 3, 2015"Overeducation in the Graduate Labor Market in Thailand"Sasiwimon Warunsiri Paweenawat, PhD
March 27, 2015"Applied Analytics in Festival Tourism: A Case Study of Intention-to-Revisit Prediction in an Annual Local Food Festival in Thailand"Thanathorn Vajirakachorn, PhD and Jongsawas Chongwatpol, PhD
March 13, 2015"The Impacts of the Government Cash Transfers on Household Consumption"Lalita Chanwongpaisarn, PhD
February 27, 2015"Reducing Inequality through Early Childhood Education: RIECE Thailand"Weerachart Kilenthong, PhD
February 13, 2015"Who Can Cope Better with Illnesses"Dusanee Kesavayuth, PhD
January 30, 2015"Creating the British Academic Health Science Centres: The Case of Translating Organizational Forms"Panita Surachaikulwattana, PhD
January 16, 2015 "Entrepreneurial marketing as an outcome of entrepreneurial orientation"Pitsamorn Kilenthong, PhD
November 28, 2014"The relationship between control and ownership in listed companies on stock exchange"Attawoot Papangkorn, DBA
November 7, 2014"Auditor – Client Distance: Determinants and Implications for Audit Quality"Wasinee Thammasini, PhD
October 3, 2014 “Cross-cultural management practices: Adjustment strategies for organizational change in multinational and transnational corporations”Andreas Hild, PhD
      RIPED Reading Group 2012-13 (Friday 1.00-2.30 pm, Room 5504)
Date Paper Speaker
January 25, 2013"Impact of trade and protection on wages: Evidence from industries manufacturing in Thailand"Ta Quang Kien
November 3, 2012"Adjustment Costs, Firm Responses, and Micro VS. Macro Labor Supply Elasticities: Evidence From Danish Tax Records"Bowl Sutida
October 22, 2012"Gender discrimination and Fertility"Rhyka Srisomboon
September 28, 2012"A Review of Optimal Capital Structure Determinant of Selected ASEAN Countries" Weerawan Boonkwan
      RIPED Reading Group 2011-12 (Friday 1.00-2.30 pm, Room 5504)
Date Paper Speaker
March 23, 2012"Newcomer Labors, Are there gender discrimination?Evidence of Thailand"Raykha Srisomboon
March 2, 2012"Estimating Price Elasticity of Demand for Health Care"Yuthapom
February 24, 2012"Risk Sharing in Rural and Urban Area of Thailand"Thanakitjborisut
January 13, 2012"Idiosyncratic Risk and Asset Returns"Jiraporn Shawong
December 10, 2011“The growth of world trade: tariffs, transport costs,and income similarity"Lisa Xu
September 16, 2011"Sorting it out: International trade and Protection with heterogeneous workers"Ta Quang Kien
July 13, 2011"Asset Pricing Puzzle in Emerging Market: An Evideace of Thailand"Somphop Duangthong
      RIPED Reading Group 2010-11 (Friday 1.00-2.30 pm, Room 5504)
Date Paper Speaker
April 2, 2011"Entrepreneurship and FinancialConstraints in Thailand"Werawan Boonkwan
April 1, 2011"Optimal Taxation with Social Insurance"Yuthapom Thanakitjborisut
March 26, 2011"Assessment of Relationship between Growth and Inequality: Micro Evidence from Thailand (by Jeong, MD 2008)"Santi Tongkaew
March 5, 2011"Changes in Relative Wages, 1963-1987: Supply and demand Factors (by Katz and Murphy, QJE 1992)"Raykha Srisomboon
February 26, 2010“Public Education Expenditures and Growth (by Blankenau and Simpson, JDE 2004)"Lathan Likhitcharoenkorn
February 12, 2010"Evaluate The Welfare Cost of Inflation"Yuthapom Thanakitjborisut
February 5, 2010"The Equity Premium Puzzle in Thailand and the Modified Preferences "Somphop Duangthong
January 29, 2010"Health, Environment and Growth"Hoang Khac Lich
January 22, 2010"Risk Sharing and Risk Response in Thailand"Jiraporn Shawong