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  UTCC Economics Seminar
Friday 23  February 2018, (10:30–12:00 in Room 5504) at UTCC, Building 5.
Title: “TBA”
Speaker: Prof. Cuong Viet Nguyen
    A synthetic cohort analysis of female labour supply: the case of Thailand  
    Sasiwimon Warunsiri Paweenawat & Robert McNown,  
    Applied Economics,  
    Vol. 50, NO.5, 2018; pp.527-544. link  
    Merger and Innovation Incentives in a Differentiated Industry  
        Vasileios Zikos and, Dusanee Kesavayuth and Sang-Ho Lee,  
    International Journal of the Economics of Business. link  
    Happy People are Less Likely to be Unemployed: Psychological Evidence from Panel Data  
    Vasileios Zikos and Dusanee Kesavayuth,  
    Contemporary Economic Policy.  link  
        Observability and Endogenous Organizations  
        Weerachart T. Kilenthong and Gabriel A. Madeira,  
        Economic Theory,  
        Vol. 63, NO.3, 2017; pp.587–619. link