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UTCC Economics Seminar

Friday 20 January 2017 (10:30–12:00 am.)
at UTCC, Room 5504
Speaker: Dr Monthien Satimanon (Faculty of Economics, Thammasat University)

                                      Kittipong Rueanthip Ph. D. student

Being a visiting Ph.D. student in Economics department at MIT was an incredible experience. My roles there were assisting Prof. Townsend on his projects, and doing my own Ph.D. dissertation. Although Prof. Townsend has a tight schedule, he gave me time to discuss my progress with him every week and allowed me to attend his class. Discussion with him and attending his class give me new perspectives on economics and pushed me to work harder.

Learning environment there was extraordinary. I have many opportunities to attend economics seminars presented by MIT students and world-class economists. It was invaluable to experience how top economists discuss and criticize each other works. Last but not least is the chance to make new friends in both same and different fields. Conversation with them always opens my eyes and gives me fresh ideas and inspirations.


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