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UTCC Economics Seminar

Friday 24 October at 10:30 – 12:00 in 5504.
Professor Robert Rosenman (School of Economic Sciences, Washington State University)
will present “Informational Interaction of Insider Trading and Share Repurchases: A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis”










Local perspectives of community-based tourism: Case study from Thailand's Amphawa Floating Market
  Thanathorn Vajirakachorn and Sanjay K. Nepal,
  International Journal of Tourism Anthropology (IJTA) – Inderscience Publishers, forthcoming. link
  The determinants of income inequality in Thailand: A synthetic cohort analysis
  Sasiwimon Warunsiri Paweenawat and Robert McNown,
  Journal of Asian Economics, Vol.31-32, 2014: 10-21. link
  A loop diagram pedagogy: Seeing the unseen in the forward market efficiency hypothesis
  Boonlert Jitmaneeroj,
  Managerial Finance, Vol.40(2), 2014. link
  Trade through endogenous intermediaries
  Weerachart T. Kilenthong and Cheng-Zhong Qin,
  Journal of Mathematical Economics, Vol.50, 2014: 262-268. link

Downstream Research Joint Venture with Upstream Market Power
  Constantine Manasakis, Emmanuel Petrakis and Vasileios Zikos,
  Southern Economic Journal, Vol.80(3), 2014: 782-802. link
  Wage-Setting Institutions and R&D Collaboration Networks
  Ben Ferrett  and Vasileios Zikos,
  Australian Economic Papers, Vol.52(2), 2013: 61-78. link
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